35 before 35

1. Go back to Hawaii with Allen and B

2. Take a photography class

3. Learn to sew

4. Take Brynn to the beach on the East AND West coast

5. Plan an all-girls vacation

6. Go camping as a family

7. Find a job that is fulfilling {again}

8. Cook dinner for a week straight - From a box doesn't count!

9. Run in the Evansville Half-Marathon

10. Plant a garden and keep it alive

11. Get Lasik and be free of contacts {even though I'm scared to death that I will be blinded}

12. Go to Las Vegas

13. Go to the Indy 500 (After six years in Indy, this was never accomplished-- because I was working. Ha!}

14. Travel to Italy

15. Go to the Kentucky Derby {it's only an hour away, so I really have no excuse!}

16. Wake up at 6am every day for a month {I love to sleep-in entirely too much}

17. Visit Central Park Zoo in the Fall

18. Have a picnic with Allen and B

19. Learn German {so when people see my last name and try to speak to me in German, I can answer them?}

20. Donate my hair to Locks of Love

21. Go to a summer bierstube {I've never been, and for that I am ashamed...}

22. Visit the 9/11 Memorial Site {and New York, of course}

23. Go sailing

24. Complete a wood-working project from scratch

25. Go to Niagara Falls {again}

26. Visit the Grand Canyon {again}

27. Start recycling for real...

28. Buy and learn to use Photoshop

29. Start attending a Bible study in Evansville

30. Baby #2 {we're on the 5-year plan...}

31. Start my {pre-baby} Pilates routine again

32. See the Aurora Borealis {aka Northern Lights}

33. Go to Disney World {or Land}

34. Enjoy a full Spa Day with my mom or some friends

35. Learn to play the piano... Again. {because the 5 years of lessons I had when I was a kid didn't stick.}