Thursday, January 1, 2015


I can hardly believe that our boy is growing as fast as he is. What a difference these last few months have made... His momma can hardly keep up anymore! Hence the reason there was no 13 month post.

 Catch Up | Lucas at 13 months.

 Such a big boy!
... and so much like his daddy, more in personality than looks ;)

Height & Weight: Not sure of stats right now, but he is currently coming up to his sister's shoulder blades--- and his sister is in the 76th percentile in height for HER age! He definitely got the Weinzapfel body length, so he has a 99.9% chance of being over 6 feet tall by his high school years. ;)

Sleep: Ever the fabulous sleeper-- He's still going about 12 hours every night. He is also still taking 2 naps every day, but he's starting to give one up.

Diet: Anything and everything. There isn't much this kid won't eat, which is fabulous because Brynn is on the picky side with her food. His favorites are banana'cado "sushi" or toast, pasta with alfredo sauce and shredded mozzarella, carrot souffle (Weelicious recipe is super easy), white bean mashed potatoes, and sauteed zucchini bites. He will eat ANYTHING with cheese on it.

Clothes: This boy is wearing 24 month and 2T stuff already... At 14 months old!! I certainly don't get too attached to clothing anymore because he has outgrown everything so quickly. Luckily, we know two adorable little boys in Ponte Vedra who will be glad to have lightly worn clothes. ;)

 ... that smile is not even fair!

Comparison to Big Sis:

 Honestly, there isn't much of a comparison anymore... They are just so different.
 Different builds, different personalities, different worlds.
B is as girly of a girl as you can get, while Lucas is ALL boy (although he does like to throw the occasional tiara on... Shhh! Don't tell.)  They do manage to get along fairly well, even though Brynn is quite bossy around here. Of course, Lucas has discovered that he can be as independent as he wants to be... They will butt heads over your typical sibling things- like sharing toys and invasion of personal spaces. Brynn is such a big helper and protector of her baby brother, though. There isn't much that goes on with him that I don't know about. She knows that he is, under no conditions, allowed to have small objects, eat paper or stickers of any kind, pull down decorations, or go into her room-- So, I will frequently hear, "Mooooommmm!! Lucas is (fill in offense requiring intervention)!"-- then I'll hear-- in the sweetest little maternal "baby-talk" voice that she does-- "No, No, Bubby. You just can't have this because you are too little right now." At which point, I know she takes it from him because I hear a blood-curdling scream. Haha. Siblings are so much fun!

Lucas' Likes: COOKING! This boy demands to be in the kitchen if there is anything on the stove or being prepared. He loves his kitchen gadgets, just like Daddy! He can flip pancakes with the best of them already! He also enjoys --- playing "Light Wars" with his sister-- he turns them on, and she turns them back off. They think it's hilarious. ; eating, playing with blocks or his trucks, dancing (a frequent activity at our house, no doubt), anything Mickey Mouse, snuggling with pillows or blankets, and pretty much anything his sister is doing...

Dislikes: Being told, "No." or that he can't do something... Yep, that's pretty much it. Actually, he's still not the biggest fan of his car seat. We've had some major issues with car sickness lately... Still trying to get that figured out, but it explains why the "car seat" has been on his list of dislikes since the beginning... He obviously suffers from severe motion sickness. We're already making a few changes so that we don't have to clean out backseats full of vomit anymore, but any suggestions are appreciated!

Latest Linguistics: His list of words is growing by the day! Most of the time, he can repeat a word once or twice, but he won't attempt it again after that... These are the words that he says regularly, usually without any prompting.

Daddy = Daddee or DaDa
Bath = Baff
Santa = Saaaan-Ta
Sissy = Sissa or Issy
Mommy = NaNa (but he usually just grunts and points at me)
 Oz = Oooosszzzz
Bottle = BaaaaaT

He can do a few animal sounds too, like
Raaaawwwrrrr (lion)
Baaaaah (sheep)
Oooh-Oooh-Ahhh-Aaah! (monkey)
Meooooow (cat)

Happy 14 months, Lucas Wilson Weinzapfel.
You light up our lives in every possible way, sweet boy!

Monday, November 3, 2014

LUCAS | Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday

It's official! Our sweet, little boy is no longer a baby... And he certainly has made no secret of his transformation into a toddler. Bumps, bruises, and reckless bravery are all alive and well in this house! But that constant smile cannot be denied--- it's what makes him our Lucas.

I wish I could say that this "small, simple" party went off without a hitch, but, well... It didn't.

With all of the hustle and bustle trying to get everything ready, Lucas wasn't as closely supervised around the furniture as he usually is (not that it matters, most of the time)... So, we ended up with a face-plant into the coffee table. And then, five minutes later... Another face-plant into the coffee table. The complimentary bruise and swelling on his nose told us that it would probably be a good idea to get a few photos of the birthday boy before blood was drawn.

There's just never a dull moment with our rough and rowdy guy!

 Big Sis was on hand to offer some hugs and love.
My favorite thing in the world is watching them together. :)

 We were lucky enough to get some photos with Dad & Mom too. Our little man doesn't like to stay in one place for very long-- the classic symptom of toddlerhood.

Lucas' Mickey Mouse Highchair Banner | LaLaLolaShop on Etsy
Lucas' Personalized Mickey Mouse Birthday Shirt | SewingByGrace on Etsy
All other decor by Mom.

Unfortunately, this is the only photo of the cake. ;) 
After working for hours on it, I completely forgot to snap a photo 
before turning it over for the smashing!

 Big Sis helps.

 Big Sis smooches.

After cleaning up a bit, it was time to bring out his birthday gift.
This was his reaction when he saw it...
 I think he might have been a little excited. ;)

In true Lucas-fashion, he found the most dangerous way out...
He also tried to sneak out of the bottom a couple of times! Crazy boy.

happy 1st birthday, lucas!
you have brought so much joy into our lives, and also a little fear, but we couldn't imagine our life without you in it. you will forever be our sweet and fearless baby boy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Yes, I am a little late with his final monthly birthday post... With all that has been going on this month, I figured I would try to squeeze in a few photos while we were in Indiana instead of trying to rush a post before we left. It turned out very well, considering he is a little more sturdy on his feet these days, plus he's learned a few new tricks!

He is walking up a storm, of course, which started about a week after he turned 10 months-- but he has also learned to wave "bye-bye" and also to "dance" to his favorite tunes. And only today, he learned how to remove the latches of his diaper!! Mommy can't wait to see what kind of craziness comes from that newly developed talent.

Height and Weight: We won't have official stats until his 12 month appointment, but we did weigh him on a regular scale while we were home, and it seems that our boy is right around the 25lb mark. No surprise to us... or to my back. ;)

Sleep: Oh, Lucas... You are such a great sleeper! Even with your teething, I really have nothing to complain about when it comes to your naps or even bedtime. You are usually the one who is insistent that you go to bed! I know with your sister's influence, these days are probably numbered....

Diet:  Anything and everything. He usually eats right off my plate. His favorites are roast, green beans, zucchini, and of course-- banana and avocado. I know that he and I are both excited to stop with the bottle feedings soon. :)

Clothes: Still mostly 12-18 month clothes, but fitting into a few 18 month tops. We're getting ready to order some 18 month pajamas too, because he's outgrowing his 12 month jammies.

Comparison to Big Sis:
 Brynn was in size 3 diapers, Lucas is in size 6 diapers.
Brynn was quite the talker, but Lucas is more quiet and reserved (like Daddy).
I think that Brynn really favored Daddy's side back then, 
while Lucas has "Wilson" written all over his face! :)
Brynn didn't walk until she was 13 1/2 months, and Lucas started walking at 10 months.
They are both extremely fast crawlers and give the best hugs in the world! :)

Lucas' Likes: Walking and "running" everywhere. Playing in the dog bed. Dancing. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Chasing his sister around the house. Going under tables and chairs. Splashing in forbidden water sources.

Lucas' Dislikes: Being told "No."-- He has also learned to throw little tantrums when he doesn't get his way, which he certainly didn't learn from his sister. Not a big fan of spoon feedings anymore either.

Taking & Walking: Still not saying much of anything besides "Da-da" and "Na-na"-- He can wave "bye bye" on command, but doesn't say it yet. We got him to repeat the word "Hot" the other day, because he is so obsessed with helping us when we are cooking on the stove, and he's becoming a little grab-y at the hot pots and pans. Other than that, he's not been very interesting in repeating words. He has started pointing at things and saying "Dat" and he is becoming quite the curious little bug.

runaway baby.  
wherever he is going, it is usually very FAST! :)

Happy, happy 11 months, Lucas!
You are growing up too quickly, but we are enjoying all of the adventures that you take us on.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

BRYNN | Swan Lake 4th Birthday

Oh, Brynn...
How is it possible that our sweet little baby girl is now four years old?! It seems like only yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting your debut into our world. You brought the drama with you on that day, and you obviously still don't disappoint us in that department... While we have faced many challenges this year, we could not be more proud of you. You are the most affectionate little girl that we know, which can be a little interesting some of the time, like when you hug the UPS man and tell him that you love him. You are such an amazing big sister- I very seldom have to worry about Lucas' newly discovered toddler activities, or his safety, when you are on guard.

My heart melts when I hear you say those very few words that you haven't quite worked out, like "meed" instead of "need" and "whoot crean" instead of "whipped cream" and "aclariun" instead of "aquarium"-- They remind me that though you might sound and act quite grown up, you are still such a little girl.

Brynn has completely fallen in love with the story of Swan Lake. There isn't much that goes on around our house anymore that doesn't involve the characters or music of Swan Lake. Obviously, when I asked her what she wanted for her very small, very last-minute birthday party-- I should have expected the answer. So, I threw some decorations together, and we pulled off "Brynn's Swan Lake"...

 our little odette.

 sugar swan via this tutorial.

 grammy and pawpaw wanted to help sing "happy birthday" via facetime.

 blowing out her candles!

 odette's performance.

crown headband via this tutorial.
 odette/odile banner by mommy.

 always the lady when frosting is involved-- 100% Mommy genes.

happy, happy 4th birthday
brynnie ballerina!

we could not be more proud of you. 
keep dreaming those big dreams & reaching for the stars!

 My ultimate goal was to make a video of Brynn's favorite things at this age from her own perspective. Of course, it wasn't easy to get a 4 year-old to sit in one place and answer questions for more than a few minutes at a time. There were more than a couple of attempts before we finally scrapped that idea, but this is a little bit of what we came up with. All of these answers are 100% from Brynn's little imagination, and I think that is what I love the most about it.