Sunday, June 29, 2014


The days as a mom of two are certainly getting longer. Mostly because our boy is awake so much these days, either from fighting naps, even if only to play with his sister a little longer, but more frequently from teething pains.

As much as I love our sweet boy, I will be the first one to assert that he is not going to be any good at this teething gig. I know, I know... What baby is?! Well, as with many things, I compare my experiences with Lucas to my experiences with Brynn. Looking back, Brynn was a pretty good teether. She was wildly independent, and desperate to do things the exact way that she had set in her mind, without help... Because of this, she really didn't have much time to worry about teething pain. She was always very cautious not to get hurt, which was mostly due to the fact that being hurt would only slow her down, or keep her from whatever goal she was trying to reach. I reminisce back to the days when she would slowly lower her head while going under tables, so as not to bump her head.... And when she learned to walk she didn't push herself beyond what she knew he capabilities to be. As her mother, I knew she got this from me, and it worried me a little that this would become part of her lifestyle and inhibit her from trying new things and branching out... Of course, it was inherently a part of her personality, so I never could have changed it, even if I had tried. I know now that my worries were completely unfounded with this. Although, she is still cautious, she usually just dives right in to most situations without hesitation.

Our boy, on the other hand.... pffffeew ... He is very different. I try not to use the term "polar opposite" because I know, as siblings, they have a lot of similarities. However, he lacks the cautious nature that his sister spoiled me with. He is a boy, yes, but I just was so unprepared for, what I can only describe as, pure recklessness... I mean, I am seriously on pins and needles for 90% of the day, trying to make sure this kid doesn't choke on something, electrocute himself, break his neck, or crack his head open in some way. It's like a game of poker that Mommy is clearly not winning... I will "see" his head injury attempt by putting him in his "safe zone" (which is either his walker or his bouncer), and he "raises" me with his next daredevil attempt- be that trying to pull himself out of his walker by doing "pull-ups" on a piece of furniture (feet off the floor and everything), or challenging his fine motor skills by trying to pull the little plugs out of the electrical outlets. Ugghhhh! It's utterly exhausting. Needless to say, I end most of our days out of chips...

One day, I will look back on these days and smile. I will realize that all of my hard work and worries were worth all of the effort, and a huge part of me will yearn for these days at home with my babies. I will watch Lucas take off on his bike or in his (gasp) vehicle, and think about that rowdy little baby boy, who will probably always make me retain enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from all of the breath-holding that I have done and will continue to do.

I'm a boy mom... What else is there to do?

 in case you haven't heard, teething just plain stinks...

Height & Weight: I won't have an update on his stats until next month. His next appointment, and God willing the next time we see a pediatrician of any kind, is on August 8th.

Sleep: Still sleeping 10-12 hours through the night. He usually won't let us put him down any later than 7pm, and he usually wakes up around 6:30am. He's taking two naps every day for about 1-2 hours each time. We've started the process of sleep training, and he is doing very well so far.

     what's that?  ... a distress call!
better suit up!!    

 our little superman is always an adventure.

Diet: He's taking 4-5 bottles a day. Eating 1-2tbsp of each- fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy. We just started chicken, and he is not the biggest fan yet. His favorite meal is banana'cado and vanilla yogurt for breakfast. He is obsessed with Mum Mums and loves to eat his puffs.

Clothes: We are out of our 6-9 month stuff and in either 9-12 months or 12month stuff. He can fit into some 6-12 month stuff... He's growing like a weed! He's barely fitting into his size 4 diapers, and we are upping to size 5 with our next Honest shipment. He usually goes barefoot in the Florida heat, but he's wearing size 2 sandals when necessary.

every superhero needs a profile shot. ;)  thanks for the shirt, pawpaw!

Lucas' Likes: All types of hair (usually pulling it, be it gently, but still likes to pull). Splashing in the bath. Eating. Playing with his sister. Listening to his sister talk or make zerbert noises. Pretending that he knows how to walk. Pretending he knows how to talk just like everyone else, with his A-dorable little language of pops and clicks and little grunts and groans! Playing in the sand at the beach. Chew toys. Anything that makes him "big" like his sister.

Dislikes: Being confined to his walker or bouncer when he's in a reckless mood. Staying in one place for diaper changes. Being told "No." when caught playing with dangerous objects. Anything that keeps him from being "big" like his sister.

Comparison to Big Sis:

Brynn had just learned to crawl.
I think they do look alike, and have a lot of the same expressions, but I think Lucas is really starting to favor Daddy. When I look at his photos, I can definitely see me in them too, but he acts so much like Allen... So for me, it's much easier to see "Allen" in him. Unfortunately, it's still a big question of whether he will get the German complexion from Daddy, and like his sissy, or if he will be stuck as a pale ale like Momma. Things aren't looking very promising right now, but I am crossing my fingers for him! ;)

Brynn at 8 months

can't get enough of that sweet smile. 
he has actually learned to stop and "smile" when he sees me taking photos!!!
I adore this, because his sister has a huge camera-phobia... huge. phobia.


happy 8 months, sweet boy.
we love you so much!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daddy's Breakfast in Bed | Father's Day 2014

It's Father's Day! Recently, I was introduced to Treat Greeting Cards by Shutterfly, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to design some very special cards to help make Father's Day a little more wonderful for the daddies in our life. I am sending the grandpas their very own personalized photo cards to Indiana, and I'm cooking up something special for Allen!

For some of you who know me, this may not be surprising to you, but I have a confession: I have pretty much the most horrendous memory when it comes to dates and occasions. Treat has come to my rescue lately, and has helped to remind me that I better get some cards mailed ASAP. Yes, I am notorious for forgetting to mail the cards that I buy in time for the occasion. I should start calling it "Card Guilt"... And with my track record, I have a lot of Card Guilt.

It's actually something that Allen teases me about constantly. We will be sorting through our mail and bills that have piled up on our counter, and he comes across a card... "Who is this for?" he will ask me. "Oh, that's for so and so's birthday," or "I bought it to send to your dad after his surgery," but usually, my response is, "Dangit!! I totally forgot to mail that... Again." Yep. Card Guilt.

Well, guess what? There's an App for that! Not only does Treat have an App, where you can do things like, check your order, but you can also surf their amazing designs, and it even has a spot to log all of your important birthdays (and it even REMINDS you to get a card and mail it!). What more could I want (more like need), right?

One of my favorite things about using Treat is their adorable designs, specifically for grandkids who live away from their grandparents. This is a rarity in the card section at most stores, so we were excited with all of the options that they have for us to choose from!

Here is a glimpse at the cards we picked out to send Papa Wilson and Grandpa Weinzapfel...

We hope you both enjoyed your cards! Miss you lots!

Like most special occasions, we usually celebrate with a little breakfast in bed. This Father's Day was no exception. Brynn was so excited to help me prepare Daddy's breakfast, and also couldn't wait to give him his special card. I captured a few of our special moments to share.

The moment I saw this Treat card, I knew it was the perfect one for him.

my favorite photo. sweet daddy hugs. 

I always love listening to their sweet father-daughter conversations.

just to remind you that small children were involved in this moment...
she never fails to give me a dose of reality. ;)

happy father's day, babe! 
you work so hard for us, and we hope you enjoyed every moment.
we love you so, so much.


Letters to Daddy.

Oz wants you to know that, while you don't have the most patience with him,
and even though you still haven't bought him a golf cart... He doesn't hold that against you.
And, he totally likes your walks better than Mommy's, 
because you let him get away with all kinds of shenanigans, like chasing armadillos or alligators.

  Brynn would like you to know that she loves you when you do ballet lifts with her. She also loves when you put her to bed, because she knows she can always con you to "way wif me for free minutes" (lay with me for 3 minutes), and no matter how long your day was, you always let her re-read her bedtime story... Or Brynn's "interpretation" of the story through pictures and memory, which can be loooong and also extremely hard to follow. She also told me that you are strong and you are silly, and she loves you.

Lucas wants you to know that no matter how cliche it may sound, you are his HERO. He loves to hear your voice on the phone when we call you at work. Mommy loves to watch that huge smile spread across his face as he tries to "talk" to you, when he recognizes your voice. He also told Mommy that you are his favorite person to see at 6am... Every morning. 
No lie, he totally admitted that to me.

  I could seriously die over how sweet they are to each other... 
And I love knowing that Daddy and I are helping to groom their relationship, and their trust in each other, into something that will last forever. This is what life is all about-- Watching our sweet babies unconditionally love and support each other.

happy father's day
to all of the daddies out there!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ozzie | 10 Years Young

This. Dog. I mean, seriously people... If you're not an animal lover, you might as well stop reading this post right now because I'm going to gush about how awesome this dog is for the next [however long it takes you to read this post].
Let's just start at the very beginning. This chapter in our lives has not been thoroughly covered, so we are going to end that right here and right now.
When Allen and I started dating in 2003, Allen introduced me to his new puppy (also a Jack Russell) named Wink. Winky was probably the smartest dog EVER, and if it wasn't for her exceptionally stereotypical JRT hyperactivity, she would have been a delightful dog... And would probably be the dog being featured in this post. Unfortunately, Wink also liked to do a very stereotypical "dog" thing, and ended up on the losing end of a car-chasing incident... Enter Ozzie, the fateful, dumpy, newborn puppy.

Coincidentally, the very last day of Wink's life was also one of the first of Ozzie's... Ozzie was part of a litter of JRT pups that had been born right down the road from Allen's childhood home. After Wink passed, we ended up with a choice between two of their puppies, and we chose this fat and exceedingly handsome little boy, who was one of the final two to find homes... Hands down, the best decision of our lives. Mr. Personality came to live with us in Bloomington a few weeks later and sealed our fate as a family. He is our first born. He will always be my baby. And I've already informed Allen that after he perishes, he will be cremated and placed on my bedside table for eternity... Going to bed with me every night, just as he always has. Yes, I am that crazy dog lady and I don't even care.

      mr. personality.

I mean, who could pass up this face?

I'm not trying to brag about him too much, but everyone that meets Oz pretty much falls in love with him instantly... It's certainly not hard to do. He is ALL personality. Our little "police chief," as he is affectionately known, is sure to be the boss in any group of people or animals. He is also gentle, with the sweetest disposition you could imagine (except if you are a lizard or squirrel- then you better find higher ground). Mama is his "Person" in all circumstances except for one... if Pawpaw Wilson is around. Then Pawpaw is his "Person" -- mostly because he gets to do- and eat- whatever he wants when Pawpaw is around. Yep, what Pawpaw says trumps all. He is quite an opportunist, what can I say?

 "who's your daddy, who's your daddy." 
(I mean, it's totally obvious that's what is going through his head...)

we celebrated the big 1-0 on Sunday night, so a few days early. His actual birth date is 6/6/04.

happy birthday to you, Oz Dog!! 

doggy smash cake.

  This isn't the first time these two have "shared" a meal... Oz frequently dines on unwanted food from Chateau Brynn's Plate. His absolute favorite foods are strawberries, scrambled eggs, peanut butter, and grilled cheese crusts. He will relentlessly grovel and beg for any of these foods... And even gives a few pestering growls to make sure you don't forget him should you have any "spare"-- or even if you don't.

The thing that I love most about Ozzie is how sweetly he loves our babies. It started out a little rough when Brynn was born, but he has grown quite close with her. In November, he welcomed Lucas with open arms, and I love watching how gently and lovingly he plays with him. Of course, a lot of times he is borderline tortured by one or the other, but he handles it with the grace of a big brother. If he's had a little too much, he gives a few warning growls to let Brynn know she needs to give him some space. Granted, it took awhile for her to get that memo, so we've had two nipping incidents... I didn't see either (because I usually step in for some dog education with Brynn when I hear him growl), but I know the things that he puts up with from her, so for him to actually feel the need to bite her, it must have been waaaaay over the line... I mean, this dog wears tutus and tiaras on the regular - at least somewhat willingly, and usually has an appointment at Brynn's Hair Salon for a brush and style once a week.

Another thing about Oz? He totally gives himself away when he does something he knows he's not supposed to do... Usually, he tattles on himself before anyone even figures it out! He is such a great dog. :) We don't know where we would be without him.

happy 10th birthday, Oz!
we love you so much, and we are so blessed to have you as part of our family.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Well folks, our "Laid Back Lucas" is officially gone... In his place, crawls, squawks, and STANDS one rough and rowdy little boy. And this little boy is going to drive his mother straight to an early grave. My cause of death will read: "Neurotic mother to one unpredictable and unlucky little daredevil."

Bring on the bubble wrap.

Yes, this past month has been a trying time for us. We've landed ourselves in the emergency room, complete with IV fluids and a full work-up for L's first head injury. I say "first" because the way things are going, there are pretty good chances that it won't be his last. He had been sitting up for about a week, and one day just decided to go straight back while sitting on the hard vinyl floor (because it's no fun to play on the nice, soft padded area that Mom had for him). A few hours later, I was a frantic mess, covered in vomit-- and he was a little zombie, who kept throwing up and couldn't protect his own airway. It was joyful, really. (#sarcasm) I was armed with bulb suction and was basically feeling like I could vomit myself from the anxiety. (five years working in a PICU will do that to you. I was doing everything possible not to let my mind go HERE =>  brain bleed. surgery. ICP bolt. shunt. medically-induced coma. intubated. -- Isn't knowledge fun?)

A few days later, a severe stomach flu took us all down. HARD. Apparently, we picked it up in the ER while we were "touring" there. Again, joyful. This almost cost us another trip to urgent care with Lucas because he couldn't keep anything down for an entire day. We were just one big disaster area this month!

And while I continue to debate the purchase of a baby helmet -DAILY- (yes, they sell them, and this boy is making a strong case to become the face of the product), here is our 7 month-old baby boy...

the mini-daddy confusion scowl.

Height & Weight: The week after the head injury and the stomach flu, L had his 6 month well baby... Of course, he only weighed in at 17lbs 6oz due to the fact that he had lost most of his meals for a week. Not to mention, my supply took a big hit from all of the drama, plus hormonal changes. I fought the good fight for about 3 weeks, but without any success. I just decided to start supplementing him this week, but the end result will be that we will slowly switch him over to Earth's Best formula, just like we did with Brynn when she was a little younger than he is... As for height, I can't remember the exact measurement, but it was around the 76th percentile. He's a tall drink of water, just like his daddy. :)

Sleep: L has always been a great sleeper. I did not feel the need to start him on a schedule, since I always put him down when he started to show signs of being tired. It worked for us up until now. This month, we are officially starting a schedule. He was in the practice of taking 3-4 naps every day, so it was time to seek a little structure to our days. Of course, it will not be rigid. Just like with Brynn, I go by the sample schedules (by month) at, and I always look at it as a guide or a "goal" for each day... For this reason, I usually call it a "routine" instead of a schedule. Mostly, it will help me keep track of his sleeping hours and the amounts and timings of his solids. I find it a little easier to keep my head on straight, and I don't anticipate that he will give me any problems. He is ready for a little structure! I'm just hoping that he still sticks to his 10-12 hours at night...

Diet: Still breastfeeding and giving bottles. As mentioned before, we just started supplementing with Earth's Best formula. I have only been pumping about 2oz from each side for the past 3 weeks, and we have already used up most of my freezer stock with his appetite, so it was time to start looking at other options. Because screaming, hangry Weinzapfel babies are not so fun... *see Daddy genes for that one.

Clothes: Our little bruiser is wearing some 6-9 month stuff, but mostly 6-12 months or 9-12 months. He is wearing size 4 diapers and size 2 shoes.

wrestling with his sissy is his favorite.
B was all about being in these shots, which is so fun! of course, when I actually WANT her to be in them, primp her hair and choose a nice outfit, she is over it before we even begin. typical Brynn.
I love her so much it hurts...

Lucas' Likes: Eating- either bottles or solids. Playing with his sister. Petting long hair (both Sissy & Mommy are fair game, but he doesn't usually pull it-- he just likes to pet :) ). Crawling around the house (usually chasing Mommy from place to place while she is trying to get things done. He would prefer that I just carry him around with me all day.. The one thing he gets the most upset over is being told that Mommy just can't swing that all of the time. I have to at least TRY to get things done).

Dislikes: His car seat (yes, still a struggle). Being confined in his walker. He just spins himself in circles and usually fusses until I finally have the availability to be able to carry him with me. He also gets exiled to the walker or the bouncer when he gets a little too daring during play time... which is pretty much ALL of the time.We have had a few incidents where- had I not been paying close attention, we would have had another cracked egg (so to speak). We are certainly looking into the possibility of a helmet because this kid has no limitations in his own mind, and he physically has the capabilities to do whatever he wants. For instance, he is pulling himself up on everything- which is no big deal when Mommy or Daddy is right there to help him- but as soon as he gets up, he thinks it's awesome to go "one-handed" and then tests his luck with an attempted step!! WHAT?!? I guess he thinks he can just get right up and start walking... Ugh. I need some bubble wrap ASAP.

dare'dev'il: (adjective): *see lucas wilson weinzapfel.
signature move. he's got the moves like mowgli... 

it never takes him long to find his mama!

Comparison to Big Sis:

Per the usual with comparison to Brynn, Lucas is much bigger. Brynn was only in size 2 diapers at this age, but her personality was really shining through. She knew how to shake her head "No" in the correct context, and was babbling "ma-ma-mas" and "da-da-das"... When I read this in her post, I realized that Lucas isn't really doing a lot of babbling yet. He squawks and screeches a lot, but nothing really organized at all. They are both just the happiest of babies though. :)

Teething: No teeth just yet, although this week L has made it pretty clear that there is at least one about to make its debut. Daddy and I have been waking up to screams of pain every night. Poor baby boy. Tylenol and cool gel teethers have been a survival tool lately. This momma is really going to miss that sweet gummy smile... :(

   brotherly cat naps... or dog naps? they are besties & I love it.

 this expression is never good. it usually precedes something daring. 
like, for instance, thinking it's hilarious to try to crawl off the side of the guest bed. t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

mr. big muscles is definitely about to give his momma a heart attack!

the signature lucas smile. 
words cannot describe how in love with him I am...

happy 7 months to our sweet & adventurous boy!
we love you to pieces...  just not literally. :)